Meet the Blacks (2016) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Meet the Blacks" is a 2016 horror comedy film directed by Deon Taylor. The film is a parody of the 2013 horror film "The Purge" and follows the story of Carl Black, played by Mike Epps, who moves his family to Beverly Hills just before the annual purge night, a night when all crime is legal.

As the Blacks settle into their new, affluent neighborhood, chaos ensues when the purge night begins, and the family must navigate the dangers and challenges that arise. The film combines elements of satire, horror, and comedy, often using humor to comment on social issues.

"Meet the Blacks" features a cast that includes Mike Epps, Zulay Henao, Bresha Webb, George Lopez, and others. The film received mixed reviews, with some praising its humor and others critiquing its approach to parody and satire.

If you enjoy horror comedies and parodies, and if you're familiar with "The Purge" concept, "Meet the Blacks" might provide a comedic take on the premise. Keep in mind that the film's style of humor may be subjective, and individual preferences can vary.