Calamity of Snakes (1982) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 "Calamity of Snakes" is a 1982 Hong Kong horror film directed by Chi Chang. The film is notable for its exploitation of the "nature's revenge" subgenre, featuring a storyline centered around a massive snake infestation.

 The plot begins with a construction crew discovering a large nest of snakes at a building site. Instead of relocating the reptiles, the foreman decides to kill them all, which leads to dire consequences as the surviving snakes seek revenge.

The movie is infamous for its graphic and shocking scenes, including real footage of snakes being killed, which has led to significant controversy and criticism over the years. Despite, or perhaps because of, its notoriety, "Calamity of Snakes" has garnered a cult following among fans of horror and exploitation cinema.

Thematically, the film explores the concept of nature striking back against human encroachment and cruelty. It plays on the fears of reptiles and the chaos that can ensue when nature's balance is disrupted. The film's portrayal of the snake attacks is both gruesome and relentless, making it a memorable entry in the horror genre.

While not widely celebrated for its artistic merit, "Calamity of Snakes" remains a notable example of extreme horror from the early 1980s, reflecting the era's penchant for pushing the boundaries of shock and exploitation in cinema. Its legacy endures mainly through the discussions it provokes regarding animal cruelty and the ethical implications of such portrayals in film.