Arthur the King (2024) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 Arthur the King is a 2024 American adventure film directed by Simon Cellan Jones and starring Mark Wahlberg, Simu Liu, and Juliet Rylance. 

The film is based on the true story of an adventure racer who adopts a stray dog named Arthur to join him in an epic 435-mile endurance race through the Dominican Republic.

The film follows Michael Light, a veteran adventure racer desperate for one last chance to win. He convinces a sponsor to back him and a team of athletes, including Simu Liu and Nathalie Emmanuel, for the Adventure Racing World Championship. During the grueling 10-day race, the team encounters a wounded stray dog, whom they name Arthur. An unbreakable bond forms between Michael and Arthur as they push through the extreme physical and mental challenges of the competition.

Despite initial skepticism from the team, Arthur proves to be an invaluable companion, helping them navigate treacherous terrain and even saving them from danger. The film explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and redefining what it means to be a winner. 

Arthur the King received generally positive reviews, with critics praising the heartwarming story, the chemistry between Wahlberg and the canine actor, and the film's stunning visuals of the Dominican Republic landscape. While the plot was criticized as formulaic at times, the movie was praised for its uplifting message about the power of human-animal connections.