Dynamite Warrior (2006) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 Dynamite Warrior is a 2006 Thai martial arts Western film directed by Chalerm Wongpim and starring Dan Chupong, Panna Rittikrai, and Samart Payukaroon.

The film is set in 1890s Siam. Siang is a young Muay Thai warrior and rocketry expert who steals back water buffalo taken from poor Isan farmers by unscrupulous cattle raiders. He is searching for a man with a tattoo on his chest who killed his parents.

A local nobleman, Lord Waeng, hires a hulking convict and a thief to terrorize the farmers and steal their water buffalo. Siang gets caught up in the conflict as he confronts the cattle trader Nai Hoi Singh, who has supernatural powers and the tattoo Siang is looking for.

The film features beautiful settings and costumes depicting 19th century Thai culture. The martial arts choreography is inconsistent, with some scenes relying too much on wire work, while others are outstanding, especially the final battle.

While a bit uneven, Dynamite Warrior is an entertaining martial arts action film for fans of the genre.