The Deep End of the Ocean (1999) is Available in Hindi Dubbed

 The Deep End of the Ocean is a 1999 American drama film directed by Ulu Grosbard and starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Treat Williams, Jonathan Jackson, and Whoopi Goldberg. 

The film tells the story of a family's reaction when their youngest son Ben is kidnapped and then found nine years later, living in the same town where his family had just moved. It focuses on the emotional turmoil and challenges the family faces as they try to reintegrate Ben back into their lives.

Michelle Pfeiffer gives a praised performance as the mother, Beth Cappadora, who struggles to reconnect with her son after his return. The film also explores themes of grief, guilt, and the complexities of family relationships.

Despite an intriguing premise, the film was a box office disappointment. However, it received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for the performances and direction, though some felt the film's resolution was a bit too tidy.

Overall, The Deep End of the Ocean is considered a well-acted and emotionally resonant drama, even if it didn't fully capitalize on its compelling source material.